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Jungle Trekkings: Spot the Sumatran orangutan!

There are only a few places left on earth where you have the chance to see wild orangutans in their natural habitat. The famous Gunung Leuser National Park is a place where wonders still exist. Gunung Leuser National Park is one of the richest tropical rainforests in Southeast Asia. This rainforest is a treasure of biodiversity and is home to the Sumatran orangutans, Thomas-leaf monkeys, gibbons, snakes, hornbills, sun bears, unique butterflies and the last remaining populations of Sumatran elephants, tigers and rhinos.

During our jungle trekkings we want to show you the beauty and our enthusiasm for this special National Park! During a jungle trekking we walk around 5 or 6 hours per day to spot orangutans and other wildlife. Our goal is to teach you all the ins and outs about the jungle. There is the option to sleep in our overnight camps to make this jungle experience even more special. A guide, porter, park permit, camping equipment and all meals and drinks in the jungle are included in this trekking. 

We work together with local guides that are all born and raised in Ketambe, and because of that they know everything about the jungle! This also creates a system where you automatically support the local income and families in the village of Ketambe. 

Do you prefer 2 day and 1 night trekking? Or is one day in the jungle enough?! Or do you love the jungle and do you want to go trekking for 3, 4 or even 7 days or more?! All is possible, as long as you let us know in advance. We can customize your trekking to your needs! 




Just an example of how a 4 day trekking could look like!

Day 1: Hello Jungle!

After breakfast, we head into the jungle. We will only walk a few kilometers a day at a slow pace because we don´t want to miss anything hanging in the trees! Our experienced guides will seek wildlife and answer all your questions about the jungle, while our porters prepare the camp, set up your sleeping area, and start preparing a jungle lunch. Once we arrive in the camp we will have lunch and there is some free time to swim in the river! In the afternoon we go for a hike with the goal to find more wildlife and we return to the camp for dinner. We will spend the night next to the river, where you fall asleep with the sounds of the jungle and river sounds.

Day 2 – Jungle Hot Springs!

We will continue our search for wildlife, while slowly trekking deeper into the jungle, and by lunchtime we will arrive at the camp for night 2, the Ketambe Hot Springs! An idyllic location, where natural hot springs mix with fast flowing water, creating a range of different temperature pools to relax in. The volcanic minerals that crystallize when the hot spring waters reach the surface, attracts a huge array of butterflies and other jungle animals looking for a salt-lick to substitute their diet! Night treks are also possible if you ask your guide, since this is the perfect time to see the nocturnal animals, like the slow loris or snakes!

Day 3 – Jungle exploration! 

We will wander around the jungle searching for wildlife, slowly making our way back to the base camp for lunch. In the afternoon we will return to Ketambe; recharged and revitalized by the wonders of the Leuser ecosystem! We will return to the guest house where you can freshen up and enjoy a meal in our guest house.

Day 4 – Ketambe village exploration or Wild water rafting

Ready for more adventure? Or do you want to take it a bit slower today? We can either go wild water rafting or we can choose for a more easygoing and relaxed Ketambe Village tour, with the possibility to visit the Ketambe waterfall or to attend a local cooking class.

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